Date With Mooney

I can still hear it plain as day -- her urgent silence against the deafening roar of the falls -- and it chills me to the bone. I had just raised my head out of the water when I saw her... "Where is Dan?" I shout. Her mouth is moving, but I can't hear what [...]

Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

This week's Weekly Photo Challenge speaks to a topic I love - if you couldn't already guess - Adventure!  Maybe I'm just in Grand Canyon mode lately, but when I think "adventure", this image immediately comes to mind. I remember the moment captured in the photo clearly...we were at about the half-way point in our [...]


"If anybody is not blown away by the Grand Canyon, they won't be blown away by Judgement Day, either. To spend the night on rocks that have been warmed to 120 degrees by the sun, to feel the incredibly insistent and very dangerous Colorado River rush by you, to be down in the depths of [...]