Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!


This week’s Weekly Photo Challenge speaks to a topic I love — if you couldn’t already guess — Adventure!  Maybe I’m just in Grand Canyon mode lately, but when I think “adventure,” this image immediately comes to mind.

I remember the moment captured in the photo clearly. We were at about the half-way point in our ten-mile journey down to camp at Havasupai.

I can feel the warmth of the canyon emanating up from the rocks…the excitement of it being our first hike down into the unknown…the anticipation of what we’d find there.

As we came around a bend, we suddenly beheld a beautiful alcove; its hollow, arching chamber beckoning us to come in and rest a bit. We accepted the invitation and stopped under the huge overhang, rubbing our aching feet and re-hydrating while imagining aloud who else — be it native inhabitants or outlaws — had been drawn to its inviting coolness in the past, just as we were on that blazing day.

While lost in that reverie, the Canyon chose to fully maximize our feeling of adventure by sending a string of unsupervised pack mules clattering down the narrow route, right past our shelter! It was an exciting site to behold.

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Adventure!

    1. Thank you for your concern Russell – I’m hoping to get more consistent, this little 17-month old here just makes it hard sometimes! 🙂 I have lots more stories to tell, and creating more memories as we speak, so stay tuned!

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