Date With Mooney

I can still hear it plain as day -- her urgent silence against the deafening roar of the falls -- and it chills me to the bone. I had just raised my head out of the water when I saw her... "Where is Dan?" I shout. Her mouth is moving, but I can't hear what [...]

Quick Jaunt to Cooper Forks

I didn't breathe a word to anyone, but as we climbed down out of Pueblo Canyon, I was secretly thinking to myself, "there's NO WAY we're doing another hike tomorrow." The plan had been to tackle Pueblo Canyon, the harder and longer of the hikes, on day one and follow up with a quick out-and-back [...]

Adventure in the Sierra Ancha

It was a motley crew that set out from our house early Saturday morning.  I had proposed a little expedition after reading an amazing article about the Sierra Ancha in Arizona Highways magazine a few months prior, and was really jazzed when a few people actually seemed serious about accompanying us. Aside from my husband [...]